Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is protected by website. is responsible for the confidentiality of private information.

You do not need identity information like surname name or tc identity number in order to subscribe to site. The valid e-mail address and password for membership is sufficient and the information provided by the members is not required to be used for identity verification etc. is not used for.

Membership information is the responsibility of the members who are members of does not take responsibility for the information given in the fields open to the use of all, or the writings. All responsibility belongs to the person sharing.

Swearing, bad words, insults, harassment, advertising and threats are prohibited on Anyone who has been disturbed by using such words in public chat rooms and private chat rooms will be deleted after the necessary review., number of in-site hits, traffic on site, etc. cookies (cookie-site cookies) as well as many other sites with research reasons such as

Special meetings between members at site are displayed only for interested parties. It is not transferred from the site to third parties for any reason.

Site management can not be held responsible for any discussion or dispute in the chat rooms.

Security is protected by different security measures in order to protect its member information, to prevent it from being used for bad purposes, and to prevent third parties from being disgraced.

Protection of children under 18 is prohibited for individuals under 18 years old. The only requirement to become a member is to be over 18 years old. If any person under 18 years of age subscribes to the site and the age is big, will not take responsibility for this matter. Any member is known to be 18 years old and will be terminated if they are passed on to the directors.
Cancellation of Membership
To delete your membership at with your own account: There is a "close account" link at the bottom left of the window that opens under my account link. By clicking on him, the membership will be terminated by the member at his own expense.

Members who do not comply with the general rules of the site; other ads within the site, other members insult, harassment, etc. Members who are disturbed by the shapes and do not fit the other rules are terminated by the site management.

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